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How to play 501 Darts

501 Dart is the most popular format of Darts being played. To understand how to play, one must know the rules of 501 dart

What Are The Rules For 501 Darts?

The rules for 501 darts are simple. Each player starts with the starting points of 501. Both players take alternating turns and throw darts on the dartboard. The points are removed from the total. The first player to reach 0 wins. However to win the game you must Double out. This ads a bit of skill and strategy to the game when it come to finishing the game.

Double Out for winning

Double out makes the game interesting and ads a strategy and skill to the 501 dart game.

You need to hit a double that will land you precisely on zero points to win the game.

Say for example you need 40 poinst to zero points. then you must hit 20 on the outer ring which will give you 40 and points to zero.


Burst is when you score more points than what is remaining to achieve zero points and your turn will be over.

How do you win 501 Dart game?

To win the dart game you must hit double out. However it s bit tricker. You have 3 throws and you need to calculate how many points are remaining so as to hit a double that will land you precisely on zero points to win the game. For hitting the double out you need to have an even number to achieve.

If you hit a higher number it will results in burst and your turn will be over.

501 Dart tips

Try going for the triple 14. 11, 9, 12, 8

If you are nearing double out, it is always good to plan ahead.

If you are nearing double out and are stuck on odd number, try hititng an odd number as long as you dont burst, this should bring you back to an even number.