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  • 2,3,4 player games
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  • Instant credit of winning amount to wallet.
  • Some games give you money even if you loose.
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Play Uno Online on Gamethon for real money

Gamethon is the best gaming app compared to other apps as it has a very user-friendly interface that helped us find our way to win prices without any problem. We feel the interface is so easy that even a new person can use it without any difficulties.

Many apps give chances to win money just by playing games on the app in today's world. But still, Gamethon is the best when it comes to playing games and winning prizes at the same time. The application is known for its easy money-making games.

Gamethon has numerous widespread games like dots and boxes, Ludo, colour card UNO online, and Solitaire. All these games are fun and straightforward to play, that it is tough to resist the urge to play in our free time.

Gamethon has diffferent versions of UNO online game. UNO 500 is a popular game across the world which is played in rounds. At the end of each round the winner gets points for the cards the other players hold. the first person to reach 500 points wins UNO 500 game.

UNO Online

In Gamethon, many players can compete together for the winning price. Even if we do not come first, we can earn money if we came second or third in four players' games. The cash price is the highest when came first, a little less when came second or third. The rules of the game are pretty simple. they are as follow

  1. STACKING ALLOWED (can stack a +2 on a +4 if the colour matches the colour that was called.)+4 can be stacked onto any +2. However, the newly named colour must be different from the +2 colour.
  2. Must click Uno after playing the 2nd to the last card
  3. A 3 second period is allowed to say Uno before opposing players can call out.
  4. Highest point total after five games or 10 minutes, whichever comes first
  5. A player that gets rid of all their cards first wins.

The game can continue around other players to determine the second and their place. Calculating points can also do it after a player wins.

Best gaming app

There are lots of excellent features for making your entertainment and fun double. Connect with your friends or opponents and play games at anytime you want. Gamethon also lets us instantly transfer our won cash prices directly to the account just after receiving them. The transfer does not take days or hours, and once we have won a cash prize, we can play other games on the app to win more. There is no limit to winning in Gamethon.

Play Gamethon for UNO online

UNO online is a trendy game in today's world. Many people of different age groups love playing the game with family and friends. And Gamethon helps the players play with friends and family and win amazing cash prizes to go up to 1 lakh.

Every day Gamethon holds daily and weekly challenge update that contains even bigger cash prizes. The interface of the application is the best for playing UNO online.