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How to Play Solitaire

gamethon tournamentsDaily Income Tournament

  • Single Player Game
  • Your highscore can earn you money
  • Live for 24Hrs Daily
  • Play Unlimited times untill the tournament is live
  • Only your highscore is accounted
  • Keep playing to improve your rank

gamethon battleBattle - Multiplayer games

  • 2,3,4 player games
  • Play with friends for real money
  • Search opponents and play with them
  • Instant credit of winning amount to wallet.
  • Some games give you money even if you loose.
  • Addictive games with interesting gameplay

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Solitaire Game ON GAMETHON

Play Solitaire on Gamethon for Winning Daily

Unlike other money-winning gaming apps, the Gamethon has many options for multi-gaming on its platform. People can play with other people on the app and even invite them to play any other game. It is a fantastic platform to play with your friends and also earn money.

Gamethon is known for its easy money-making games. It has many popular games like dots and boxes, Ludo, colour card UNO and Solitaire. All these games are fun and straightforward to play, that it is tough to resist the urge to play in your free time.

The application helps you play games online without any problem, and once you win a game, you can get a cash prize of up to 1 lakh. The application has a rule that when people play a game of four people, the players coming first, second and third-get prizes. Therefore, it does not matter if you came first or not; there is always something waiting for you at the end of the game.


One of the most popular card games that everyone enjoys is there on Gamethon. The application helps you play solitaire online and earn money while playing it, isn't it amazing? The game rules are straightforward on the Gamethon, with the kings being the highest card and Ace is the lowest ranking card of the 52 cards pack. The basic deal is played in the Gamethon, which has seven piles of cards.

  1. Start from the left to right; the player has to place the first card facing up to make the first pile
  2. Then deal one card facing down for the following six piles.
  3. Start again from left to right, place one card facing up on the second pile and
  4. Then again, deal one card facing down on the pile three through seven.

The game's basic rule is to release and play into certain position cards and build up each foundation in a proper sequence and suit, therefore, from ace to king. The ultimate winner of the game is who builds up the whole pack in the form of a foundation.

Best gaming app for solitaire online

Gamethon is considered to be the best solitaire online gaming app as it helps you play with other players online, unlike other applications with artificial intelligence placed as an opponent.

Gamethon instantly lets you transfer the won cash prices directly to your account just after you receive them. And once yu have won a cash prize, you can play other games on the app to win more.

Play solitaire game than online game

If you are a solitaire lover, then it is a jackpot playing the game in Gamethon as it helps you play solitaire, your favourite card game online, and rewards for winning the game. Gamethon is the best when it comes to its usability and interfaces. No application can beat its user interface. You can experience that the application has a straightforward and elegant user interface that all age groups can have fun and earn money simultaneously.

Ending note

Gamethon is a fantastic app as there are battles that you can play to earn money. Apart from these battles, there are leader board contents that keep on updating for more fantastic cash prizes. For more information, click here.