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Go play Gamethon Ludo Game for ₹1 Crore.

If you love to play a ludo board game to spend your leisure time, then you should certainly try our online ludo games. There are different kinds of ludo games that have become popular in recent times. Each of these ludo games has some certain and distinct features that make it unique somehow. Among all these ludo games, our Ludo King is considered to be the most popular out there.

Ludo Game

Our Ludo game is regarded as a viral Indian game that is played online. This game is nothing but the modernised version of the classic ludo board game.

Ludo has been consistently listed as the top ludo game out there. This is a free game where players are not supposed to pay anything to play it. It has huge popularity all over the world. Gamethon offers an earning opportunity with this Ludo game.

At Gamethon Ludo Game is available as LUDO and QUICK LUDO version.

Best gaming app

This is undoubtedly considered to be an excellent game for anyone to play. Whether one wants to play it with their friends, families, or anyone else, they have the option to do it. This is why it is regarded as the best gaming app.

The rules of Gamethon Ludo Game are based on the physical ludo board game. This game's objective is to move 4 tokens from starting point around the board to the centre of this board which is its home. The player who will reach the home fast will win the game.

One has the option to play this game with 1 or 3 other people. Maximum 4 players are allowed to play this game at once. This is really considered to be quite fun-filled and exciting for its unique rules and features. It is hard to get bored while playing this game.

With the Quick Ludo Version the player who reaches home with one token wins. In quick ludo the player has to just put 1 token in home to win, thus termed as quick ludo.

Play Gamethon for Ludo Game

Our Gamethon Ludo Game happens to has online multiplayer mode. In the online multiplayer mode, several players are to play with each other but do not have the option to choose their partners. And in "private"Play with friends" multiplayer mode, one can play with other online players while having the liberty to select a player as their partner.

A player can earn around ₹1 Crore daily by playing Gamethon Ludo these days. Many players are taking this path and earning a lot of money while playing this game at their convenience. It is essential to winning this game to win money.